Apps Tip Features

The tips feature is an excellent addition to the app. This feature allows users to share positive feedback with the district or schools or share a concern.  The app allows the user to remain anonymous or to share contact information for follow-up.  All tips are delivered real time to an employee of the district.

The tip line is NOT for emergencies.  In the event of an emergency, please contact the proper authority.  

One exciting option in the app is to share a picture. This feature allows parents, students, staff and community to share pictures of district events, the pictures can then be shared on all of our social media outlets!

Click on the tip line button to launch the menu.
A category can be selected from a menu. Also select the specific school for which the tip should be submitted.
Select a category from which you'd like to report. All tips are taken very seriously.
Users can choose to remain anonymous or include their name and contact info. Tips of a threatening nature can be tracked through an IP address.
We love the share a picture option! This allows the schools and district to collect photos of SDoJ pride from all sorts of events. Please share your pictures with us!
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