Board Policies


AA School District Legal Status
AB The People and Their School District
ACA Employee Harassment Policy
ACB Student Harassment Policy
AD Educational Philosophy
AE Educational Goals and Objectives
BA Board Operational Goals
BB School Board Legal Status
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBAB School Board Ethical Code of Conduct
BBB School  Board Elections
BBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BCA Board Organization Meeting
BCB Board Officers
BCD Board-Superintendent Relations
BD School Board Meetings
BFA Board of Education Self-Assessment
BHBA Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BHG Board Goal Setting
CA Administration Goals
CB Superintendent
CBA Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent
CBC Administrative Contracts
CBE Administrative Staff Development Opportunities
CBF Superintendent's Outside Employment or Consulting Activities
CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent
CC Administrative Organization Plan
CH Policy Implementation
CI Temporary Administrative Responsibility
CIA Temporary Administrative Assignments
DAB Fraud Reporting
DBB Fiscal Year
DBK Line-Item Transfer Authority
DFA Revenues from Investments
DFC Grants and Gifts from Private Sources
DGB Check Writing
DGF Non-Sufficient Fund Checks
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIBA Fund Balance
DIBAA Food Service Fund Balance
DIBAE Food Service Management
DIBB Student Body Activity Account Management
DIE Post-Issuance Compliance Policy for Tax-Exempt and Taxadvantaged Obligations and Continuing Disclosure
DJ Purchasing
DJB Petty Cash
DLB Tax Sheltered Annuities (TSAs) and Mutual Fund Custodial Accounts
DLC Expense Reimbursement
DM Cash in School Buildings
DNA Sale or Disposal of School District Assets
DP Loans to Employees, Board of Education Members, and/or Students
DQ Accommodating Purchases
EB Safety Program
EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspections
EBAA Hazardous Materials
EBBB Accident Reporting
EBC Emergency Plans
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCD Emergency School Closings and Delayed Starting Times
ECA Privacy in Locker Rooms
ECACA Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
ECB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECBA Pest Management for Healthy Schools
ECBG Use of Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring
ECF Energy Conservation
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEAB School Bus Routing and Scheduling
EEAE Student Transportation in Private or School-Owned Vehicles
EF Student Nutrition Program Management
EFB Free and Reduced Price Meals
EGAA Copyright Policy
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCB Staff Conduct
GBCBA Drug-Free Work Place
GBEA Communicable Diseases (Also Policy JHCC)
GBEB Staff Physical Examinations
GBGA Family and Medical Leave Policy
GBGE Bone Marrow or Organ Donor Leave Policy
GBH Voluntary Insurance and Payroll Deduction Products
GBK Employee Grievances
GCIB National Board Certification
GCL Professional/Support Staff Development
GCN Certified Staff Evaluation
  SECTION H:  NEGOTIATIONS (no policies)
ID School Day
IE Elementary Class Size
IF Curriculum Development
IGAD Education for Employment
IGAHB Human Growth and Development Instruction
IGAHC (Also JHK) Wellness
IGAK Reading/Language Arts Instruction Goals
IGBA Special Education Program
IGBB Gifted and Talented Program
IGBC Programs for Disadvantaged Students (Title I)
IGBE Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
IGBG Assistive Technology for Special Needs Students
IGBJ Programs for Children At-Risk
IGD Student Extracurricular Activities
IGDE Field Trips
IGDF Student Fundraising Activities
IGDJ Interscholastic Athletics
IHC Youth Options Program
IIA Selection of Instructional Materials
IIB Inter-Library Loan Policy
IIBG Staff/Users Information Technology Systems Acceptable Use Policy
IIBH Student Information Technology Systems Acceptable Use Policy
IJ Counseling Program
IKA Grading Systems
IKAA High School Grading System
IKE Acceleration of Students
IKEG K-8 Grade Advancement Policy
IKEH 9-12 Grade Level Status Policy
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKFC Early Graduation
IKFE Credit Taken in Middle School for High School Graduation
IKFF Diplomas for Veterans
IL Testing Program
IMG Service Animals in the School
INB Teaching about Controversial Issues
INDA Patriotic Observances
JB Equal Educational Opportunities
JBB Equal Educational Opportunities Coordinator
JDA Student Membership Accounting
JEA School Attendance
JEAA Summer School Attendance
JEB Entrance Age
JEC School Admissions
JECA Admission of Non-resident Students Other than Open Enrollment Students
JECAA Shared Programming
JECB Full-time Public High School Open Enrollment Program
JECBA Part-time Public High School Open Enrollment Program
JECC/JECD Assignment of Students to Schools and Classes
JFC Student Conduct
JFCA Student Dress and Grooming Code
JFCG Possession or use of Tobacco Products by Students
JFCH Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students
JFCK Student Use of Two-way Communication Devices
JFCL Classroom Conduct
JFGA Locker Searches
JFGB Strip Searches
JG Student Discipline
JGA Use of Physical Force by Staff Including Seclusion and/or Restraint
JGD Student Suspension
JGE Student Expulsion
JHC Emergency Nursing Services
JHCA Administering Medication (Prescription/Nonprescription) to Students
JHCAC Automatic External Defibrillators
JHCB Student Immunizations
JHCC (Also GBEA) Communicable Diseases
JHCCA Nuisance Disease Control
JHCFA Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs and/or Food Allergies
JHG Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting
JHJ Student Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse Program
JHK (Also IGAHC) Wellness
JI Student Scholarships and Awards
JIA Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarships
JIC Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship
JO Student Records
JQ Student Fees and Fines
KBG Access to Public Records
KCA Title I Parent Involvement
KFA Fundraising / Sales on School Premises
KFB Advertising or Promotion
KFD Sponsorships
KG Use of School Facilities
KGA Use of School Equipment off School Premises
KGC Use of Tobacco Products
KGD Firearms and Other Weapons
KJA Distribution of Non-School-Sponsored Materials Through the School
KKA Presence on School Premises
KLA Public Complaints
KLB Public Complaints about Instructional or Library Materials
KNAP Tax Incremental Finance (TID) Review Board Representation


  • Jefferson School District
  • 206 South Taft Ave. Jefferson, WI 53549
  • Phone: 920 675-1000 · Fax: 920 675-1020