Elementary students may be assigned to the building which serves the area in which they live.  The boundaries of the elementary schools shall be:

  • West Elementary:   Students residing west of the Rock River
  • East Elementary:    Students residing east of the Rock River and west of Paradise Road (south of Highway 18) and west of or on Coffee Road (north of Highway 18)
  • Sullivan Elementary:  Students residing east of or on Paradise Road (south of Highway 18) and east of Coffee Road (north of Highway 18)

A parent(s)/guardian(s) may request that his/her/their child be allowed to attend a school outside the student’s elementary school attendance area for an upcoming school year.  Requests must be filed in writing with the Superintendent.  Approval of said request will be made by the Superintendent in consultation with the building principal(s).  A response to all written requests will take place within a timely fashion.  Within 30 days of receipt of response from Superintendent, a parent/guardian may submit a written request to appeal said response to the Board of Education.

The administration shall consider available space before responding to a request to attend a school outside the regular attendance area.  Transportation will not be provided for outside the regular attendance area requests unless the administration, in consultation with Jefferson Bus Service, determines that busing can be provided at no additional cost to the district.

Once a request to attend a school outside the established attendance boundary is approved, the student shall remain in that elementary school until the parent(s)/guardian(s) requests a transfer or the student moves to the middle school.  Parent/guardian requests that result from the Board’s decision to restructure elementary school grade configuration shall be considered outside this policy.  Specific guidelines and considerations shall be developed as part of any reconfiguration planning.

The assignment of students and classes to teachers shall be the responsibility of the building principals.

The Board authorizes the Administration to assign students to specific schools to address unique learning needs and/or to balance class size.

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