Clubs & Organizations

Investor’s Club-Investor’s Club gives JMS students the opportunity to participate in a state-wide stock market simulation sponsored by Economics Wisconsin. Students work as a team buying and selling stocks in order to have the highest portfolio value over a 10 week period. The top performing team in each division will receive recognition and prizes at the annual Stock Market Simulation Awards Banquet; the overall winning team in the state receives an all-expense paid trip to New York City!

Lego & Chess Club-Students work with a teacher advisor to create three-dimensional objects based on a defined theme. Much of this work is collaborative, and the final products are on display within the school.  Students can also choose to experience chess during this time.  

Math 24-Math 24 is a math game that uses a set of cards with four numbers on each.  Players use all four numbers and mathematics to solve each card with an answer that equals 24.  The cards have different themes and vary in difficulty. Students participate regionally in a tournament sponsored by UW-Whitewater.

Memory Book-Students work with a teacher advisor to plan the Memory Book for the school.  This involves page layout, pictures and general organization. 

Newspaper-Students work with a teacher advisor to produce a school paper.  This involves planning, writing, reporting, and page layout. 

Southern Lakes Anthology-UW-Whitewater TAG sponsors this opportunity for students to participate in a writing competition involving poetry, prose or illustrated writing.  An anthology is created each spring of the strongest entries.  Each of the last two years have featured a JMS student’s artwork on the cover!

Spelling Bee-Each spring students participate in a school-wide spelling bee.  Students participate in Advisory and Grade Level Bees, this way everyone has an opportunity to compete.

Technology Club-This is a “hands-on” club for all students investigating various technologies. This involves research and development, design and problem solving.

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