Parent / Teacher Conferences


Jefferson Middle School staff, families, and community place a high value on the collaborative partnerships we have worked to develop over the years.  Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences are one of the traditional ways that teachers and school staff communicate with families. Contemporary technology and practices include a myriad of other opportunities to develop the school-home communication partnership including online grades, web pages, social media, email groups, and mass calling/emailing programs.  JMS utilizes a hybrid of the two most prevalent conferences models: the drop-in and the scheduled. Parents are scheduled with teachers during the first half of each hour, and the last half of each hour is left open for parent drop-ins.  We continue to monitor and develop this system so that we have the opportunity to meet with as many families as possible in the most convenient manner.

Additionally, you are always welcome to contact your child’s Advisor or teacher to arrange an appointment outside of the P/T/S Conference window.

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