Uniting parents and school staff to make a positive environment for kids!

What is PATHS?
PATHS stands for Parents And Teachers Helping Students. Our mission is to provide our children with the best educational experiences possible with the help of the teachers and parents. We want to extend these experiences to the families and the community making Sullivan Elementary School the best it can possibly be. 

We encourage you to get involved with this organization. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the past and we are excited about our upcoming events.

With everyone's input we can do so much. Get involved and join the fun!

When does PATHS meet?
Our parent group meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 PM. Meetings are held at Sullivan Elementary School. Can't make it to the meetings? That's OK. We still appreciate your ability to volunteer at various events throughout the year. Please feel free to share any ideas/suggestions with the group!

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What things does PATHS do for the school and the kids?

**PATHS coordinates the collection of Box Tops, Labels for Education and Milk Moola
**Donate $$ for classroom enhancements  **Grands Day  **Last Day Lunch
**Assemblies  **Scrip Fundraising  **Spiritwear  **Book Fairs
**Help fund graduation programs  **School Dance / Carnival
**Teacher Conference Meals  **Teacher Appreciation

Our school is great because parents like you get involved, care and support our Sullivan Staff!

  • Sullivan Elementary School
  • 618 Bakertown Road Sullivan, WI 53178
  • Phone: (920) 675-1500