Academic After School Help

After School Help Summary

JMS students have ample opportunities to access professional educators for additional help beyond the school day. 

1. We have an adult supervising and helping students in the library each day after school until 4:00 Monday through Thursday.  Students only need to show up, sign in, and ask for help.

2. Teachers are also available after school until at least 3:45.  This can be arranged by appointment or as a drop in.  In the case of the latter, each grade level will designate at least one teacher within their core classes group that will be available to help Monday through Thursday; this will be communicated to parents and students.

3. JMS Counts will be required of any student earning an F in the previous quarter until such time as they raise their grade to the passing level.  This is the same program and philosophy as described in our summer school section.  Students will be asked to stay after school until 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays until they are passing each core class.

Additional times and support can be arranged through a student’s Advisor, the grade level team, or individual educators at JMS.

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