Students at Jefferson Middle School experience a wide variety of content area, arts and enrichment classes.  The “core” classes consist of Social Studies, Science, Language Arts – Writing, Language Arts – Reading, and Math.  The latter also includes the option of Algebra and Geometry classes if students reach certain benchmarks, the credits for which can now be applied to the high school for credit.

All students take a trimester of Tech. Ed., Spanish, and Health each year.  Students also participate in Physical Education, Art, and Computers.  Jefferson Middle School offers and encourages students to explore music through Band and/or Choir. 

Through our RTI/Enrichment program, affectionately called WIN (What I Need), we offer a host of unique and specialized learning opportunities.  We offer support for those students that need some extra attention in math and reading.  There is also a study hall opportunity for those students that are committed to any number of after-school activities.  Our enrichment classes consist of a host of quarter-long class options, which change each year based on the passions and interests of student and staff.  Please click here to see a full list of our WIN Class Options for 2015-2016.

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